2 Years and Counting!

2 Years and Counting!

Hey everyone! 

My 2 year anniversary is coming on Suga's birthday, 3/9.

I gave my shop my all last year and I feel like it really paid off. In 2019, I finally got out into the world of conventions and cupsleeve events. This year, I want to go to more events, and more concerts to meet up with everyone in person.

I started using Ko-Fi.com/meltypop to bring you new digital content, open commissions, and fund projects. Please browse the page for some cute freebies and consider becoming a patron. 

Most importantly, I'm most active on Instagram, so please check my IG to make sure you aren't missing giveaways!

Thank you all for a fantastic 2 years of art and kpop, you make my heart full!

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