Part soft-hearted kpop fan, part goth aesthetic mess, I'm Vanessa, creative owner of MeltyPop.

Art school taught me to write my bio in third person, but I've always felt that was awkward, so let's not:

I created MeltyPop in 2018 as a means of sharing kpop fanart at a global scale. Though I hold a Bachelor's in Fine Arts, I am self taught in digital art, putting myself through a learning curve in the pin-maker world of crafts. 

I am intensely multi-fandom. I love so many groups and firmly believe it's important to be open to everything available in kpop. 

My ult groups on daily rotation: Big Bang, BTS, ATEEZ

Ult biases: Gdragon, Jhope, HongJoong (think small, fashionable, rappers)

Girl crushes: CL, Hwasa, and IU

My art is continually evolving, with lofty goals of designing more prints and themes from my interests outside kpop.

When I'm not busy brainstorming new art concepts, you can find me playing an RPG or a dating sim, listening to true crime podcasts, or drinking my weight in bubble tea.